Tsf 6-4&5 2011


So I was thinking about hitting up TSF next Sunday and Monday and was curious who else may be out there, maybe do a meet and greet and get some mileage in. Anyone got any trail conditions info out there? .....:smirk:

Really......:excuseme:anyone got a ride :smirk: report for me ? Thanks...:smirk:

I want to do a ride that weekend as well but i can honestly say i am tired of rain already this year. All my rides this year except 2 have been in the rain so weather depending i will be at Diamond mill Sunday.

so I guess I will be out there all by my self........Awesome :smirk:

I should be in the Diamond Mill parking lot around 9AM. I will be in a lowered Grey 2007 Chevy Silverado with a 2010 ktm 250sx woods modded in the back. I should be with a couple of other guys, not sure what rig they will drive but one is on a WR450 and the other is on a crf450. if you see us there come over, introduce yourself, and lets ride.:smirk:

I am gonna head out Friday morning and ride the weekend I will probably be at the Elf lot, white ford truck w/yz450 and maybe a friend or two not sure yet on them but I know I will show up......:smirk:

I'm trying to get some friends together for a ride at the Trask on Sunday but everyone seems to be busy. I don't know the Diamond Mill area at all and if my buddy's can't go do you mind if I tag along with you. I'm no A class racer but we tend to ride the more challenging trails and try to put in 40-60 miles depending on who's with the group.


hey John i don't see a reason why you cant tag along. Non of us are real fast but we always get to the end of the trail. One of the guys is bringing his son, i have ridden with the son before and he does alright but i may have to change my intended loop if things get to difficult for him.

We usually do 30 - 50 miles when we ride.

I told everyone 9AM so we will see if they are on time, i am loaded and ready to go:thumbsup:

Rode A LOT of trails this weekend, the single track was awesome and even rode some two way on friday as it was almost totally empty in the am.......did not see any fellow TT'ers tho.......maybe next time(about 9 days and counting) :ride:

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