xl600r mufler

hi there guys, ive posted before about the xl6 mufler, im having problems finding a performance road legal mufler for my xl6, ive tried to find a supertrapp ids2 and no luck, i came across a cobra, but the thing is WAY too loud, im thinking of getting a origonal mufler, but will this restrict the performance of my wiseco high comp piston? i idealy wanted something loud but not too loud and looking nice, any help will be greatly appreciated:thumbsup:

Almost anything can be made to work.

Here's a 2006 CRF250 exhaust on my 85 XR350. Midpipe had to be shortened a couple of inches and reflared, muffler shop charged me $10. Upper mount off a couple of inches, span it with a piece of strap steel and a nut/bolt at each end.

Newer oem XR would be the same.


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