PrincessMX rides!

New video of my wife taking her (new to her) KDX 250 out for a spin. Still getting used to the bike but she looks good!

With some more riding time, she'll be zipping around the track by the end of summer!:smirk:

I absolutely love my kdx200, last summer it felt somewhat big to me, but after some seat time, now it feels somewhat small. It is perfect for me especially for riding trails, can load & unload it on the trailer myself, can pick it up if I tip over and kick it over with ease even after riding for a few hours! Too bad she doesn't live closer to me, I'd be out there riding with your wife - looks fun!:smirk:

:smirk: Give her a bit of time and she'll be blasting around that track :smirk:

This was a "get to know my bike" ride for me. The only other time i have rode it is on Jone's Pass, a steep trail with switch backs but 4wd vehicles can drive on it without problems and around the farm. I really enjoyed riding it that day, not as much work as the xr100. And I can pick it up off the ground, im almost flat footed with it and i can start it really easily too. :smirk:

This was a "get to know my bike" ride for me. :smirk:

It won't be long now, once you roll on that'll be hooked!

Oh I was hoooked a long time ago! lol

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