2007 CRF 250R with red rear shock

I'm looking at a used 07 R and it is in great shape, hardly any wear on the clutch cover, no wear on flywheel cover. The guy said it was all origional but he doesn't seem to have noticed that it has a boyseen quick shot on it and that the spring on the shock is red not yellow. He bought this from the dealer thinking it was bone stock but it obviously isn't. I'm worried if I buy it the new suspension might be set up wrong for my weight. What kind of money am I looking at to fix that? What kind of suspension would be red? Any idea what is on there?

Its just a diffrent spring for a diffrent weight. Youd have to match the numbers up on the spring to see what weight it is sat up for. The valving could also be diffrent. To get it revalved and new springs for you would be about $500-$600. But it is defintly worth it.

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