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KTM 350 sx-f Engine Bearing Recall

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Basic information:

Problems with bearing 0625204280, which was installed in 350 SX-F engines up to serial number 1-772*05994*, can lead to bearing failure or even to extensive engine damage.

For this reason, KTM decided to promote exchanging of the bearing in the markets with another bearing that

meets higher bearing material quality standards. The new bearing 0625160040, together with the required washers, gaskets and restrictor, is contained in the main shaft bearing conversion kit 772 33 099 100.

Please contact your 350 SX-F customers to offer them the bearing exchange with the new conversion

kit. The bearing should be exchanged as early as possible to help avoid the risk of extensive and costly

engine damage. The conversion is reimbursed by KTM when a TI warranty application is submitted with the repair time

T3900233970 (245 minutes) and the material costs for the main shaft bearing conversion kit 772 33 099 100.

Source: http://www.e-dirt.co.za/forumnew/forum_posts.asp?TID=35755&title=ktm-350-recall

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