Cycra CRM's dont fit kx250f??

I have a 2009 kx250f and the cycra CRM mounts do not fit between the handlebars and the top of the fork tubes. Now with the CRM's will the side mount work? Or do they only work with the original probend hand guards?



Sorry for the double post but i need some fast answers so i can get whatever i need on time for my race

Cycra has several mounting options. Look at the web site. Will the mounts that bolt to the top triple clamp work? You may have to slot the hole on the handguard...

Which mount goes on top of the triple clamp?

Yeah i know, but i don't think the side mounts work with the CRM

I'd just call Cycra then. They're really helpful guys. I'm using the Pro-bend with the U-Clamp on my KXF. I did have to move the mounting hole location in the brush guard itself. But then again, I cut my bars narrower. What about the "solution mount"? I like the quality of Cycra, but I think next time I'll get Moose or Enduro Engineering. Still good quality and the mounts come with the guards. No BS added expense for mounts.

Here's a thought: go "old school" and show up to the race without any bark busters at all! Damn glad they had hand guards by the time I started racing tougher stuff. My Dad and older brother's knuckles are all mashed up from the day. :smirk:

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