Looking for a leftover 2009 drz400sm!!!

I posted this in another section but I thought it might be relevant here too... and I am desperate to find it...

I am looking for a NEW leftover 2009 drz400sm...

I just found out that Suzuki is offering $1000 off the model until TOMORROW and I need to find one from a DEALER.

The reason I need it from a dealer is that I have been approved for financing through a local dealer but I have been having a very rough time getting a loan anywhere else. If I can find one at a dealer, they can do a dealer transfer.

SO... Does anyone know of one anywhere in the US??

Or does anyone know how I should go about finding one by tomorrow?

Thanks in advance for replies... I have been pretty bummed that they don't offer this model anymore and I was about to settle for a 400s until I JUST saw the $1000 coupon.

I have wanted this bike for YEARS...

Oh, and I love this forum and this community.

If someone can help me find one of these, I will grovel at your feet.

ok I know many models were not made in 2010 - are you sure they are not going to make the SM model any more?

Call Malcolm Smith Motorsports. 951-687-1300

I know they usually have 1 or 2 drz 400sm's. Im not sure of the years though.

I suppose you can also try Chaparral motorsprots, theyre bound to have one as well. If you can help it though support Malcolm Smith.

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