Should I redo the Loctite Fixes if I am in There Again?

Hi there.

I did all the fixes when I first got the bike. I am now about to install a kick starter. Since I will have the cases apart and have all the gaskets, should I redo all the fixes just to renew them?

It may be a stupid question :smirk:, but I am hoping not to be in the engine again for a long while!

Thanks for your ideas on this.

I really have no exspiriance with this so I am going out on a limb but......I would imagine if you have done it once it SHOULD be good for forever basically. Its loctite, the stuff should hold for a long time. I could be wrong though so if its easy enough to do why not do it over, if not I wouldnt worry about it.

if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

If done,s done. Have you learned more since u first. Did the job? Do u believe u did it right the first time? Did you do the counter bal nut? Primary gear nut? Stator screws? The starter/flywheel bolts? Did u use the recommended brand and type anaerobic

Locker? Or something else?

Answer these questions and you will figure out for yourself what u need to do.

I have no reason to think I didn't do it correctly. I just wondered if Permatex loses its strength after time or something.

I will just take a look and be happy if everything looks the way it should.

Thanks for the replies.

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