Fuel Overflow Problem

Hey guys, I just bought a TTR 125 from my brother in-laws fiance for $500. The bike is in good condition, it wouldn't start when I got it but I drained the tank and the fuel control valve and it started right up. Well I took it out this weekend and rode it around a bit and the only problem I noticed was that when sitting, fuel would more or less pour out of the drain tube. I was wondering how to adjust this to keep from wasting fuel if I forget to switch the fuel valve to 'off' when I park it at the camp site out on the trails?

Any help is greatly appreciated, I'm brand new to this forum and to owning a dirt bike.

The float valve is not doing it's job (stopping the fuel flow when carb is full). It's probably dirty.

I'd take the carb off and take it apart and clean it really good. The float is the big hollow plastic thing in the bottom. If you move it up and down you can see where it's pushing a pin. That's the float needle. It's supposed to stop the fuel as the float moves up and pushes the pin in the hole. Make sure the hole is clean. Use a bunch of carb cleaner on the whole thing while you've got it out.

Cool, I think that was the ticket. I was going to pull the carb anyway cause i sunk the bike pretty deep in a river crossing and had to empty the bowl when I walked the bike to dry land. Once I drained the bowl the bike started right back up, thing is a champ.

I've had a 2005 TTR-125 for about 1 1/2 now, and it's done that once before. I just removed the carb, cleaned it with fresh petrol, put it back together and it's never gone wrong since. Hope this is helpful.:smirk:

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