1999 yz125 spark plug condition

Hello all. Im still not really familiar with how my bikes spark plug should look. Still trying to learn all these things....

I pulled the plug on my bike today and the plug looks pretty hurt up which is making me a little worried. The bike has been mostly sitting for the last 5 years(only been ridden a little bit in that time).

So what id like to know is...is this normal wear for a old plug? Is the bike running to hot? Is it too lean? The bike itself still fires up 1st or 2nd kick and runs good and idles fine.



The plug should be golden tan in color, key parts are the correct plug, correct fuel/oil mixture, air-filter oil correctly.

I would start out with a fresh plug, fresh fuel/oil premix and the air filter cleaned/oiled.

So your variables are constant, you do not want to try to take a plug reading with a dirty air-filter, old fuel and old plug.

very good point. The premix gas is fresh(32:1 ratio using golden spectro and 93 octane gas). Air filter does need to be cleaned(cant find any damn kerosene around here). I did just take the carb off and clean it out....surprisingly the carb was really clean for not being cleaned in over 5+ years.....very little gunk build up.

Tomorrow im gonna try to make it down to the local parts store and grab a new plug(br9eg).

What kinda timeframe should i ride for before ill get a good plug reading? Currently i do not have a means of transporting the bike....so ive just been doing laps around my house(around 1 acre plot) lol....my lawn hates me hehe...

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