2006 Honda CRF 450 Question!!!!

this bike used to run perfectly. it sat in my garage for the last 2 years without me touching anything. i drained the old gas, and put in new gas, and sprayed some carb cleaner in the carb and it fired up. it backfires a whole lot whenever i turn the throttle. It doesn't idle or run when the choke is off. like i said, when i do turn the throttle, it backfires a lot. can someone please tell me the problem and how to fix it???

Replace the pilot jet with a new one.

Dis-assemble and clean the carburetor out. It might be cheaper to also just pick up new jets compared to trying to clean the old ones out, too. Make sure that all the passages in the carb are clean and not obstructed. By the way, if you did a search, your questions would be answered.

where is the fuel screw located to adjust the air/fuel mixture?

Worry about dis-assembling and cleaning the carburetor first. Messing with the fuel screw is going to do nothing to help you. It is on the bottom of the carburetor, though. The opening is towards the cylinder head and you might want to get a thumb screw eventually.

Replace the Pilot Jet!

Replace the Pilot Jet!


replace the pilot jet!



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