Clutch Fiber Totally Disentigrated

Background info: Bike sat for the better part of a year, but I decided to get it out to race a winter weather harescramble over a year ago. Put fresh oil in and cleaned the carb and loaded up. 2-3 miles into the race with 8" of snow on the ground, the clutch went out completely. Brought it home and it has sat for over a year. Pulled it apart today and found that the third fiber in has NO material looks like a steel plate. I found some sizeable chunks in and around the basket, but I'm concerned as to where the rest might be. Aside from the obvious clutch replacement, how would you all proceed with repair to make sure I have no future issues. I've got my YZ450 for sale and once it's gone, I plan to ride this bike regularly again. What would cause the total breakdown of one fiber like this? It's been a while, but I'm almost certain they were Honda plates and only a couple of years old at the time of failure...

If the fiber disk became seized to a plate during that year in storage, I could see it the fiber being ripped off the substrate as it tries to free up with use when riding.

I assume we're talking about your '96 XR400. I would take off the right side case cover to get to the lower oil filter/strainer and look for the rest of the fiber disk pieces.

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