WR rear wheel size and tire suggestions

I bought my 2001 WR426 with a Dunlop D750 120 80 19 rear tire. It's time to change it and I don't have any idea what to go with this time. I have read that the 18" wheel / tires give more sidewall to prevent pinch flats - is there anything else I'm missing out on by having a 19" rear? Is it critical that I use an 18" rear?

The front tire is a 21" d739 and is in decent shape, should I find a D739 for the rear as well? I ride mostly mountain trails with rocks, packed dirt and some sand.



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I love the 739 for the rear in the desert. I run an 18 inch 120 though.

regarding 18 or 19.... I don't think you'll be any more prone to flats, but you will be more prone to dent the rim.

If I were racing (a lot), I'd want a 19 and not an 18. But, if you are happy with the way that it performs, then wait until you destroy the rear rim before you swap it out.

Ill bet 99% of people could get on a bike and not guess if they had a 18 or 19 on the rear

Cool, I'll see if I can get it off this week and have a 739 mounted. Been way too long since I've been out on the trails. :smirk:


While racing Harescrambles, I got flats while using the 19" on my YZF. When I re-laced it to a 18", I never got another flat. Your results may vary, as I'm a hammerhead when it comes to rock gardens. Maniac

i use the stocker rims and love Kenda tires. I ride similar conditions.

In terms of the width issue at the rear, I've been told that a 110 width helps turning and staying/getting into ruts etc, while the wider 120 is better for desert racing - just what I've been told.

I've tried both and for my ability - punter - I couldn't tell the difference.

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