2000 KX 250 Sub-frame question

Hello everyone, I am new to this forum as well as a new owner of a recently acquired 2000 KX 250. I have owned many bikes, but this is my first KX. When I purchased the bike, I noticed that the rear fender was bent to one side. After getting the bike home and removing the panels/seat, it was obvious that the sub-frame was slightly bent. I probably should have just left it alone, but in an attempt to straighten it, I broke it at a weld. My question is, what other year model sub-frames will fit a 2000? I have been looking on ebay for sub-frames, and found a couple of 00's, but was curious if any other models would fit. Also, are there any other good sites to look for such parts on? Thanks in advance!

99 - 02 should fit right up.

Just get the crack welded.

Thanks Dieselsmith12! Jeekinz-I probably will get it welded and keep it as a spare. It is still somewhat bent and would prefer to replace it with a straight one. Actually I located one a couple of days ago, should arrive in the mail tomorrow.

Any decent crash and it will bend, they all do. Just lean it up against a tree and kick it back straight. Or put a 2x4 inside the swingarm and pry it back.

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