What would you recommend for this?

You should be able to buy that piece and have it put on. I know there are some guides online on how to replace it yourself but if you can or cant is up to your ability/tools.

Does that assembly come as a separate piece or is it permanently attached to the whole lower tube?

Lemmie link that for you.


Id take it all apart and weld it, redrill and tap it. I also have a TIG welder, I don't know how much that would cost.

might as well get some used forks on ebay, thats what i would do, or just one fork if you could find one

^ problem with that is they are the new SFF forks which I just realized.

That piece still should be able to come off. Might try and give Factory Connection/PC/RG3 etc a call and see if they can come off and IF they kind enough tell you how to do it. If it can come off then see if your dealer can get you the piece.

Camshaftprelube probably has the easiest fix though if you know people that weld well.

I do have a friend with a Tig welder. So would it be a decent fix to bead it up and then grind it back so it looks flush, then drill and tap the hole.

You may have to weld the pinch together to get the weld to penetrate all the way. Then saw it back apart.

If there are any doubts about your or your friend's fabrication skills, then I'd just start searching eBay. Weld it up anyway, it's good practice.

I don't have any tig welding skills. My buddy does good work and I think your right, if the pinch gets welded so be it. Saw it apart when done.

Still not sure which way to go.

BTW this is the result of me running into the back of a rider that slowed and pulled into my line.

I take it you don't have the piece that's busted off? What you described is something you would do to get it back to the truck or to finish the weekend of riding but as a permanent fix? I am sure you can find something on eBay. If the piece is replaceable I sure there are other years that have a compatible piece. It doesn't have to be a SFF fork just a fork or lower tube that has that compatible piece

Weld it tap it and if you do a good job you should be fine.

I appreciate all the help. Luckily the threads still work, so I think if I did weld it, drill it, tap it and saw the pinch open again it will work.

If it doesn't, ill be shopping around.

Thanks guys.

When I dented my lower tube on my fork mb1 sold me another for like $120-$150.

That lower fork lug does come off. The lower fork tube actually threads into the fork lug, and it's held by green locktite and sometimes (depending on the bike) set pins. but I could contact some like Pro Circuit or Smart Performance and see if they could get you a replacement.

if the pinch gets welded so be it

slide a thin piece of steel in the pinch slot, aluminum doesn't stick to steel. I do it all the time when I don't want the aluminum to go somewhere. any aluminum welder knows this.

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