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So, what are you saying? I think we all were in agreeance here (including toxic) that a synthetic was acceptable and even desirable to run in our bikes. Were you just re-iterating that point or did you read something in any of these replys to the contrary? I will add though that I'm no engineer so I will still follow the manual when it states to avoid oils with friction modifiers. As enmerdeur pointed out, alot of the lower viscosity oils (synthetics included) have these additives. Of course I have no statistical data or scientific facts to back this up. I can only go with what I read on the bottle.


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Quickest reference I had on file:

I'm saying if you want to use 10W40 energy conserving), do so.


Mobil 1 Tri-Synthetic 5W-30 Zinc(ppm)=1070 Phosphorus(ppm)=892

Amsoil (motorcycle approved for wet clutches) zinc=1270 and Phosphorus(ppm)=1150

read document G391; compare specs of different oils.

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