crf450 taper bore carb

hey guys, i have herd of alot of you tt guys having good success with taper bored carbs, i race supermotard on a crf450 08 model with the stock 41mm o8 carb, im from new zealand and woundering if anyone can give away some trade secrets on the specs to tapper bore the carb to? also ive droped the needle back to the 2004 ncyr and feel it runs great but have not yet dyno'd anything for true results, anyone else had and good gains from different needles they want to share? cheers

hey glen

I got my mate to bore my carb on my crf450/rs125 think he got 2.3mm out of it was a bit tricky tho he had to make a special holder to mechine out the throttle slide guide.also took so much out of carb had to cut out heaps out of the carb to head intake boot and port match too. also i rekon if i was gunna race a crf for motard id do away with airbox and run bell mouth carb he built.if you wana no more give me a ring 0275559012. tested mine out last week at taupo and man its fast now smokes the aprilia 550's now.

scotty moir


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