Grey oil in my cr85

I changed my oil on my cr85 and it comes out light grey and its very fine almost like water. Does anyone know what causes this ?

i have had that before, i think and this is just my guess, is its from oil thats way past its prime. In other words you went too long.

Running aluminum plates(which come stock) in the clutch will cause the grey oil, as long as its not a chocolate milk color(water/antifreeze in the oil) you don't have anything to worry about.

What kind of oil are you useing?

Lack of changing. Normally, you should only have 8-10 ride hours on the oil. If grey, its way past is prime. It's your persoanl preference but many run ATF Type F, available at any auto parts store. It's cheap and easy. Plus the clutch and tranny will be alot smoother. Same rules apply for ATF, 10 hours is it.

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