Looking an an 08 YZ450F

I'm looking an buying a used YZ450F and I have a few concerns. The bike looks great but a lot of the cosmetics have been replaced, clutch cover repainted, boot/frame area covered up, new graphics kit. The price is good, for Canada anyway. What I am worried about is he said the bike has less than 20 hours and he had replaced the water pump seal because it was leaking out of the weep whole. A post on here mentions a problem some YZs had with this that concerns me because a bike with this little use should not be in need of a water pump seal should it?

You can see the bike here http://ontario.kijiji.ca/c-ViewAd?AdId=286498112&MessageId=MSG.VIEW_AD.REPLY_TO_AD_SENT&mpname=R2S&mpname=Activity-R2S&mpuid=1700219%3B307%3B286498112%3B49639785%3B%3B&secev=AQAAATA7oAIAAM0AAAACACExMzA0MmZjZjBlYS5hMjBiMjc0LjZhMGYuZmZmZTRmMzkAAAAAEROdQAEAAAACAAAAARgkTwBjWBbcKmOucqWtIaHEP%2FgsMLbO1g**#

This is the thread that worries me: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=785425

Thanks in advance for the help!

It's far more possible to have a leaking seal with under 20 hours than a failed double row ball bearing, wouldn't you think? The bad bearing was on my son's bike with about 100-120 on it. That's no guaranty of anything, but still...

That makes good sense...Any tips on where I can look for wear on a bike that has the clutch cover and flywheel cover re painted as well as guards on the frame? I've had him send pictures of the rads and they look great, no bends in the fins at all. I'm hard pressed to think of anywhere else that would show wear and give me an idea about how much thebike was used.

you can tell the guy was proud of his stuff. look at the background, everything is nice and organized, covered, and for instance the plug in the exhuast. stuff like that makes me think he takes good care of his toys

It looks like a nice bike. But, if he never raced, why does he need a holeshot device?

I'm very picky about my stuff and from the looks of this one I would consider buying it if the price was right.

It looks like a nice bike. But, if he never raced, why does he need a holeshot device?

This is in his description.

I bought it last fall with the intentions of racing it this summer but I'm not going to have the time so it has to go. I havn't even had it to the track yet.

Never easy buying 2nd hand. If he was never to use it, he still managed to put 20 hours on it. Has he ridden the bike since putting the seal in. It might not be leaking now, but if the bearing is shot, it soon will.

There are several area of the bike which will indicate the approximate of wear & tear it has had, unfortunately these are all too easily replaced to disguise the actual amount of time on a bike.

But...without appearing to be the eternal pessimist, this might be a good bike, who knows.

Thanks for the help guys...The one thing that makes me believe him that it is low hours is that he sent me pics of the rad and the fins are immaculate. I would thinkif he used it he would have fallen and bent the fins on the rad at least a little bit.

It looks like a limited edition, stubby silencer, white plastics. Where are the black rims?

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