YZ85 Update For Ya Guys!

I get the top end, bored out to a 92 and nica sealed on Thursday!

It was finished on Friday, but they won't ship on weekends and today was Memorials Day.

For those who are new members here, forgot what happened, or never got a chance to read what happened.

Last summer (Around June - July) My bike was bogging bad. I mean to the point where it seemed like it would die.

We thought I was just fouling plugs and that we were mixing the gas and oil to rich. To getting new reeds. Let alone buying a new CDI. I took the liberty to crack open the cylinder and look at the top end.

I had bought it used and the previous owner said he had just re-done to the top end.

I look, right off the bat the piston looks to big for the cylinder. So I take everything apart and sure enough that piston tore up, and chewed the inside of the cylinder.

Therefore, as the piston makes a revolution and gets to the top where it was to big to fit correctly it would tear and then cause the bike to bog. So we think.

So, my dad is really into Christmas Lights, as far as: http://www.picktownlights.com

He really didn't have the time, or money to fix this. So after a year we send it to kustom kraft . So with 2nd day air shipping I should get it back on Thursday.

Just have to re - jet the bike and put everything together. If it doesn't work after that my dad said he is selling the bike and getting a different one.... Wish me luck !

So, my dad is really into Christmas Lights, as far as: http://www.picktownlights.com

Strange Anecdote of the Day goes to Slims85.

Strange Anecdote of the Day goes to Slims85.

Too cool Slim, you respect your Dad's hobby and you waited patiently for

him to help you. Thanks for sharing the link. I'm totally NOT into christmas

lights but I think people are doing some pretty cool stuff with it now-a-days.

Hope your bike goes together smoothly and you're back to riding as quick as a whip!!

Thanks for the kind comments :ride:

And yes strange anecdote FTW? Yes, maybe, no ? Haha

So we figured Kustom Kraft would send me new studs for the cylinder. Which are really hard to get out. And they're screwed. So now I am waiting for Iron Pony to get the studs in. Then all will be good...

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