Holy moly Goldentyre!

I just raced with a Goldentyre GT523. Its the 'rock/rad terrain' tire but has excellent knob spaced for dirt. Check it out:


I am completely blown away about how good this tire is. I was climbing wet muddy rock and the front end was lifting on me. Then I get into sloppy mud and soft stuff and the tire just has gobs of traction everywhere!

Never had I used a tire that performed so well in every type of terrain. This is the only tire I will ever run from now on.

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someones on pay roll :p

only comes in MX 19 inch??


No obligation here. I buy these at full price.

Best tire hands down.

and how do I order? wheres the prices?

I have a dunlop d745 that I fell in love with this weekend, but curiosity is a horrible thing :smirk:

Is it a directional tire, as in you can't flip it when getting worn? Looks like it from the pics...

Decent price??

You can flip it but it runs better with those center scoops as a braking edge. I buy them from Geoff at GP Moto in Kamloops for under $100 (in Canada that's a cheap tire).

I've tried the Goldentyre hard conditions tire and would rate it as a very good IT. Exceptional on slimy rock but can actually grip in soft. Too bad I blew the bead off it or I'd buy another.

What does "blew the bead off it" mean? I guess sidewall failure down near the bead. In which case I'm wondering what was the air pressure, or mousse or Tubliss?

Anyone got any more recent feedback on the Goldentyre GT523 "Rocky"?

I'm considering trying one in a 19" rear size for my YZ250. Looking for decent traction on sand and grass MX tracks, but also a tire tough enough for occasional abuse on rocky trails.

Thanks in advance.

Original post sounds like spam

They look like 2 generation old Dunlops... 

Here's a copy/paste from a comment I made on another post about 'how great Goldentyres are' :


The thread patterns of some of their tires look very similar to copies of Pirellis,

perhaps there is a difference in the rubber compound?


GT280 = MXS 410 soft / sand paddle rear

GT230 = Mid-Soft MS32 (but with 'MX52' style with 'knob within a knob')

GT216 = Mid-Soft MS32 front

GT333 = Mid-Hard MH554 rear


Carcass stiffness and rubber compounds could be of a better design but I wonder if a side-by-side

test of these with the very similar Pirelli thread patterns would net a noticeable traction difference.

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They look like 2 generation old Dunlops... 


Oh, you mean back when Dunlop still made good tires. I gotta get some then! :rolleyes:


BTW. numroe, didn't know you were a necromancer. :thumbsup:

Think there's a very limited availability of them here in the States, only recently became available at all. Web site MSRPs look good for the MX tires, but go through the roof for the enduro versions. But, they look to be the tire of choice for any European extreme enduro. Some of the super soft compound versions would be worth looking into for anyone planning on doing the TKO next year.

Oh, you mean back when Dunlop still made good tires. I gotta get some then! :rolleyes:

BTW. numroe, didn't know you were a necromancer. :thumbsup:

Hey! I like me some mx52/32s! Not much else though admittedly.

Before i decided to bring this thread back from the dead i too wondered if the first post was genuine. When i found he later wrote he won't buy another because of bead damage i figured his original praise was real.

A lot of guys in Canada describe summer dirt conditions sounding much like what i encounter. Either soft and sandy or else rocky but not much in-between.

I agree many GT tread patterns look like Pirellis. But the 523 is unique to GT.

The bead failure is I guess user error or a freak/rare situation.

I am aware of the high performance and race results of the GT216 rear, on trails. But I'm looking for a more MX compatible tire that can be spun under power and last a long time.

I've been using hardpack tires like the M604 and it's very good on large rocks and hard dirt with loose crud. But its no good on sand and no good on grass as soon as it's lost the knob edges.

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For now I only ride on sandy / loamy MX tracks, after trying quite a few makes/models I found that I prefered the Michelin MS3.


If I were to start to trail ride where 'anything' could be encountered (soft/mud/rocks etc.) and still required a long wearing tire, I'd try a Pirelli Mx Extra X

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If I only rode sand and loam then tire choice would be simple. Many good tires to choose from. Like your MS3, or a Pirrelli mid-soft. But when the tire has to also work in loose rocks, it's not so easy to find one that will last.

Maybe the Dunlop MX32 will hold up to lose rock abuse and the high price is worth it. But I'll find more reviews.

So I'm curious about this this GT523.

I've used 4 Pirelli MX extra X rear tires. One on my YZ and 3 on my KX450F. Too cheap to not try. They were OK, but once they lose the knob edges, the extra-X (stupid name) is not great for sideways grip or predictable side grip under power, on anything hard or hard with a loose surface. The unpredictable thing annoyed me the most! I think the M604 beats the extra-X at everything, except sand and price.

Also the extra-X has a thin 7mm bead, so I cannot use it and hold air pressure with Tubliss in a 2.15 rim. I love my Tubliss system.

I've used a Bridestone M404 on my YZ. Just got given a nice one that's hardly worn and I'll use it. Problem I found with the M404 is at low pressures like 9 PSI (which I like) they sideways roll around a lot and also crack off side knobs.

Funny, cause I hate the GT523



A riding buddy of mine (rides the same sandy/loamy tracks) has a pair of Michelin MH3's on his bike,

we sometimes trade bikes during the day and for tires advertised for mid-hard terrain

I must say I don't find much of a difference traction wise between his MH and my MS in softer terrain.


The thread design it praticaly identical, but rubber compound is softer in the MH

(Michelins are also know to be a tad heavier, have a stiff sidewall and work at lower pressures)


Maybe those would handle your rocky conditions better and have a decent lifespan.

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I have the GT523 (non-sticky) on my 450EXCR and ride the same area as the OP.  I am not impressed.  Let's loose to easily and poor wear.  The Pirelli XCMH I had before was much better.  The Pirelli MX Extra on my 250XC is also a better tire.  Honestly I have had great luck with my last bunch of Pirelli tires.  

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