wr450 reliable?

HI, I am considering a wr450 to replace my trusty old drz,I have heard a few horror stories about engines going bang on yz450's from people I know who race them(motox).

Have any of you guys had any real engine problems? (except woodruff key)

Any input is appreciated...thanks :)

I have had mine since April and raced it in 6 races so far, plus lots of trail miles without a problem. What were the failures you had heard of??

I have seen several YZ450's go bang. everyone was connecting rod letting go.

I would not worry about it with the WR 450. The YZ version revs a fair bit higher than the WR, that is why the rods are breaking. I have had my WR450 for months and put a couple thousand miles on it and have had only one problem with it. (gas tank cracked).

Thats the problem I heard about..con rods failing...

I guess the wr motor isn't quite as highly strung as the YZ,and I prob won't be revving it that hard anyway...

Owned my WR450 since march. I do quite a bit of trail/play riding and motocrossed the whole season without a single mechanical problem.I probably have around 2500 miles thus far. My bike's serial # is 357, I haven't had the woodruff key problem and refused it when the local shop offered to perform it for free.

I have loads of km's on my WR450 and bar the starter relay going on it, (which only meant I had to kick start it [once]) the thing has just run perfectly. This is by far the best bike I have ever owned.

Go blue !!!! :D:D:D:):D

BTW: The best mod I have made to it so far (other than the Pro Cicuit Ti4 Pipe) has been an eibach rear spring, set to my weight (5.4kg spring) this really transforms it into a work of art to ride.

And yes to the observant, my picture is really old .... way more goodies on it now :D

Stone cold RELIABLE!!!!! :):D

Stone cold RELIABLE!!!!! :D:)

DITTO!!!! :D

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