a friend of mine an 05 crf 150, he got the bike a year and a half ago and it ran great till now. when we pulled it out of storage there was a rats nest in the airbox, we cleaned it out and now the bike runs great for about 10 min then gas starts pouring into the air box the carb has ban taken apart and cleaned multiple times now. the float valve is sealing fine and theres no kinks in the air intake tubes anyone have any ideas whats going on?

mine does this when the float valve gets stuck..

but since u already checked that i have no idea.

It also sounds like a stuck float to me as well. You are getting fuel out the carb drain hose and also into the airbox? Have you tried tapping on the carb with a rubber mallet or plastic end of a screwdriver when sysmptoms occur to see if it comes unstuck?

I had the same problem. Mine was dirt (chunks of something) getting stuck between the needle and seat. You have a pretty simple problem though. Can only be a couple of things and definitely related to the needle not sealing against the seat. I would start by taking the tank off and dumping the old gas out and rinse it a few times. Then look at the needle and seat to insure there is no varnish build up causing it to stick, check the rubber end of the needle to make sure it is not damaged. Lastly make sure the float level is correct and that nothing looks bent on the float - could have bent something putting it back together. I would also check the plastic cap on the end of the main jet to make sure it is aligned correctly otherwise it can interfere with the float.

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