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Hey guys, My 07 Raga 300 is such a sweet bike and runs very smooth, strong and clean...... most of the time.

However, after an hour of riding I noticed that it seems a little "lumpy" and not clean. The exhaust note seemed to have some extra "pop" to it and starting was not as consistent as I remembered it 7 months ago.

Thinking about it, I remembered the same symptoms a year or so ago and it turned out to be water in the flywheel! It seems that unless you do some really trick water-proofing, a little water always works it's way in at the electrical connection when it's raining, water riding and probably mostly when washing the bike.

It''s amazing that the bike can run at all with even a little water, but it does. As the water heats up, it turns to vapor and steam in the flywheel and then becomes a noticeable problem as if you have dirty carb jets or a fouled plug.

I remember a tip recently meant for the SSDT about drilling a hole in the bottom of the flywheel cover and sealing the electrical connection. That might be a good idea, but you can also do yourself a favor by removing the flywheel cover from time to time and look for condensation AFTER you have the bike completely warmed up to the point that it's uncomfortable to hold a finger on the case at the clutch cover.

Today, I opened the cover and drained about 1 teaspoon of water before starting the bike. I laid the bike over and a few more drops came out.. Looked like I got it all so off I went, but I took my allen wrench along with me and after 1 hour, I took the cover off and found almost the same amount of water condensed on the cover. Dried that off, put the cover back on and noticed that old smoothness had returned.

At the end of the ride, I removed the cover again and found almost as much water again but I had not ridden through any water the entire ride. So I dried that off and put the bike away hot with the cover held open with the allen wrench so the drying could continue.

So anyway, before you tear into your carb and all of that other stuff, look in the flywheel area for water! :smirk:

And if you don't have a new gasket, just use some stiff grease, see if you can improve the seal at the electrical connection and check for water as often as you can.

BTW, I don't remember having this same problem with the 2001 and older bikes though it was easier to seal the wires on the old engine. This tip is for the Pro Models but it's always a good idea to check for water in the flywheel anyway, no matter what bike you ride.

If you quit riding with dudes like this your problems may dry up. :smirk:


Back in the days when I rode one of those primitive bikes with a dry ignition (you know, 2 strokes), I would remove my ignition cover for a few days after a wet event, or pressure washing, and let it air dry.

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I believe the main cause of the water is just from washing the bike.... I HATE MUD and have developed skills just to avoid it.. I guess it comes from way back in the days of drum brakes.

If you quit riding with dudes like this your problems may dry up. :smirk:


:prof: Tom, could that be YOU before you got a job? I must say, you've come a long way! :smirk:



You can always use a blow drier or a heat gun too. (be careful with the heat gun!) I used to have the same sort of issue with my 84 SWM 320 Trials. Lots of RTV and a breather tube to the airbox solved most of it.

I remember a tip recently meant for the SSDT about drilling a hole in the bottom of the flywheel cover and sealing the electrical connection.

It doesn't just happen on Gas Gas, any bike with a plastic cover will have it happen. Had Sherco's with water in there that never saw water except for washing.

I do the holes on the bottom and run a little silicone around the top, no problems now.

On older bikes with SEM ignitions this condensation eventually killed the coils, so I made vents connected to rubber hoses for the ignition covers.

Where can we get the small barbed nipples? I'm gonna seal mine and run a hose up. Just like the crankcase vent

Tropical fish supply stores have all sorts of cool/small fittings and tubing. Works well. :ride:

Great tip reminder. My 08 GG 250 started running rough and would quit for no apparent reason. I took the cover off planning to check the pickup and water poured out and there was a bit of corrosion. Cleaned it up and it worked perfectly. My 2010 just started running rough, and I assumed jetting and was about to swap carbs, but I completely forgot about the cover. I'll check that first. Thanks 2 PLY!

Laser your like a GG yodi!! Thanks

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