Hey guys, anyone own or use this. Looks great for me since my bike's rear tire is literally only 3" from the edge of my open tailgate and the rest of the tire overhangs the tail gate, due to my extra deep tool box.

Anyway this looks awesome and waaaay cheaper than the aluminum bed extenders. The aluminum bed extender won't work because the tire overhangs the tail gate and the aluminum gate lines up w/ the unfolded tail gate.

Thanks in advance


I have one. It serves a purpose but it takes a while to install and I always debate whether to use it or not. It was too wide for my Toyota Tacoma and therefore pretty loose. Fits well on my Toyota Tundra, though. There always seems to be a problem with where to hook it. The width of the hooks are huge and don't fit well into any mounting points. Also, the big metal buckle rests on my chrome bumper so its a bit of a pain to make sure it doesn't rub.

May work out for you, but most of the time I go without.

I looked at the Moto Gate.......a few guys at the races have them.....they are ok, but a pain to get tight.....I just bit the bullet and bought a bed extender.....I got one from , it kicks ass.......well worth the money.......But you posted that the bed extender would not help the Moto Gate may be your only choice then....

Turn the bike sideways, I bet it will fit. Put the front tire in front left corner, no need for a fancy bed extender. (Unless you have more than one bike)

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