Spotting wear on a used bike

I know the obvious are clutch and flywheel covers and the frame where boots wear but what are some other places to look for wear? I like to look at the rads, I figure the more it's been useds the more little fins are gonna be bent etc.

pegs, shifter, brake pedal, welds wore smooth on the frame, frame rails on the underside of the bike. if there is a pmb end cap on it the anodizing will be faded if it has lots of hours

Put the bike on a stand and spin the wheels checking true, wiggle the front and rear wheels,headset looking for play in the bearings. Especially lift the back wheel up and down to check linkage/shock , atleast you will know if ya gotta change all the bearings. Also check brake pads and is the chain adjusted all the way out ? All of these things can add up to a decent chunk of change.

Shifter and brake pedal are two dead giveways of a bike with tons of hours on it.

The knurling on the shifter (or the little rubber thingy) will be worn smooth, same with the teeth on the brake pedal.

Also, brake rotors that have a visible groove where the pad has worn...I'm not talking about metal-to-metal grindage, I'm talking LOTS of riding wearing down LOTS of brake pads, brake rotors wear just like brake pads do, just alot slower.

Loose kicker.

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