07 wr250f base valve question..

hi folks....took the fork apart but i cannot take the base valve out....used a 14 mm allen socket but all it does is spin but without comming out...any suggestions...i am attempting my first revalve....

you need a cartridge holder or a air impact gun. just do a search, there are a billion threads about it...

you need a cartridge holder or a air impact gun. just do a search, there are a billion threads about it...

I use an air compressor to remove, and a damper rod holding tool and torque wrench to reinstall. It worked great for me multiple times on an 02' YZ250F, and a YZ400F.

Here's a copy and paste from thumperfaq.com

You now need a damper rod holding tool. Take a flashlight and look down inside the fork tube to get an idea of what the tool should look like. You're going to be making a castle nut remover basically the female version of a +. Go to home depot and buy a 1" piece of black gas pipe. Take a grinder and shape the end of the pipe to fit. Be careful and make be sure to do a good job in shaping the business end of the tool (and the tool will work for years). Once you've shaped the end you can drill 1/4" hole through the other end of the pipe so you can use a screw driver to hold it in place when in use.

Insert the damper rod tool into the top of the fork and get hold of the castle nut (have someone else hold it in place. Insert a socket drive allen key into the base valve (where you adjust the compression damping) and remove the base valve. Remove the guts of the fork and you'll be left with nothing but the inner and outer tubes stuck together.

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^^^Like he says^^^

You can loosen the base valve with an air-gun prior to disassembly. The pressure of the spring is enough to stop the internals from spning.

I made a holder from an old section of vacuum cleaner pipe, this is what it looks like....


thanks guys.... will be working on fabricating the holding tool today.....!!!

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