Heat Shield 08 250XC-F

Hi Guys,

I've looked on the site and couldn't find the answer to this one so here it goes.

Will the factory heat shield/frame guards from the 2009 250XC-F (OEM part number 77303094100) fit exactly and without modification on the 2008 model?

I've fried one pair of pants and one boot. The aftermarket heat shields from Moose and KTM are great but the OEM one from the 2009 is cheaper and protects the frame as well.

Any info would be appreciated. BTW, my 08 250XC-F is bone stock and was purchased new from the dealer last month.


They will fit.

Thanks for the help. I'll give it a try.

They work great. Mine have been on for over 260hrs.

I like the look of them too. They don't have that "we just thought this up and snapped it on" feel. They actually thought about the design and were able to incorporate two problems in one solution. God bless KTM. The fact that they protect the frame from scratches is a great addition.

Throttlejockey, I noticed that your bike is very clean. Do you remove these guards from time to time to clean behind them, and if so, do you use regular zip-ties to put them back on? I like to pull the body work off my bike every other wash to clean behind them and make sure everything is tight. I'd think that dirt and mud would get back there. Your opinions would be appreciated.

I'm going to order the guards this weekend.

Those are old photos, but it really doesn't look much different now.

I've had them off a few times and used regular zip-ties. It actually stays pretty clean back there because they fit so well.

That's good to hear... on both parts and thanks again for the help.

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