The West Coast adventure

Me and a few buddies are going to do a riding trip in July, we are leaving from Vancouver BC and heading south. We have about 8 days, the plan was/is to do the Rubicon trail in California but I've read that there are so many new rules and regulations for the trail it's not the funnest ride. So now we are looking for other options.

The plan is to hit the Oregon coast on the way home for some riding and site seeing, and there was some talk of being hooligans in San Fran and getting some helmet cam footy ripping around on the hills there.

We are totally open to whatever but want to try and ride pretty much everyday of the trip.

So from Vancouver BC to Northern California and all stops in between, if you know of some trails and must see's along the way please post them here.

The bikes,

KLX-400R dual sported

KLX-450R dual Sported

XR-650R dual Sported

Gas Gas 300 Enduro ( he will be driving the chase truck when we get bored of being in a cage)

Google lost coast dualsport trips. I'm not at my computer so I don't have any links but it's something that should not be missed

Buy a Benchmark map and just follow the smallest road/trails you can find

If you are interested in taking mostly trails and gravel roads from the WA-OR border, and all the way through Oregon to California, check out the Oregon Backcountry Discovery Route. I took a week and did a few sections of it by Jeep awhile back. Not too technical, but some great awsome views, historical land marks, and the freedom of being many miles away from civilization.

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