Anyone from the NY/CT/MA area want to get paid for lessons?


Hey everybody,

I just bought my first dirt bike which is a YZ125(I know not a great learner bike:worthy:) however after trying and trying to try and get the bike to move I have once again failed due to my inability to use a clutch! this won't get me down though because I didn't just spend 2 grand on a dirt bike to give up and just stare at it all day. So anyways that brings me to this thread in which I'm asking that if anybody in the general ny/ct/ma area will be able to teach me how to ride for a day and get paid...the schools around here are way to expensive just to learn beginner things especially when I have to buy all the gear on top of that....:smirk: I'd say about 50 but I can negotiate if it's within reason(like if you are a pro mx rider..just kidding..heh)..thanks

Where are you located? I would give some lessons/work on several aspects of riding and work on general riding skill with you for a day if youd like. I have a lot of free time mid-week and also have some free time on weekends. Shoot me a PM letting me know where you are, if you have somewhere to ride or need somewhere to go, and we can figure something out.

take care


also check out if your in the upstate area. lots of riders from all different skill levels if your looking for a group or people to ride with, and locations to ride at.

im in western mass.. 20 mins north of springfield... bring your bike out and ill teach you how too ride for free

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