05 head has a pinhole between water port and intake runner. Is it fixable?

I bought my 05 1.5 years ago, rode it 3 times and it started getting hard to start. I assumed it was bad intake valves but the PO told me it had only 8hrs on new valves. I moved, started a family etc and it sat for the last 1.5 years. I finally pulled the head today and the left side intake valve is rusty and I can see a pinhole. The PO ported the head himself and obviously got a little thin on the water port/intake runner. The pinhole is about 3/8-1/2" up from the valve seat.

Is this area usually thin and prone for cutting through? I'm trying to decide if it's weldable or do I buy an OEM 07-08 head to replace it.

Valves are good, only about 8hrs on them.

Do most mx machine shops like MX Time do tig welding?

you can get some epoxy on the under side of it through the water jackets i have had to do this on some of the dirt track heads it does not afect the cooling .

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