What are the differences between a 2011 KTM 250 XCW and XC


It seems that in Europe that they dont have a XC or for that matter, they dont have a XCW, but thier EXC is supposedly the same as our XCW. From what i have been told the difference between the XC and XCW are

Tranny (but i dont know what the difference is, maybe a lower 1st?)

Frame (its lower and older style)

Open Cartridge forks with softer dampening

Shorter Rear shock (maybe)

Plastics are differnt

anything else? Thanks!

Hey Mike. The tranny on the "W" is "wide ratio. That is, all the gears are a bit taller on the W compared to the "semi-close" ratio on the xc.

I find myself between gears a lot on the XCW. Next bike won't have the wide ratio gearbox.

Hope that helps. Good luck! We're cheering you on.

Thanks for the reply Jackl4. Years ago, the W 200's (actually they were EXC's then) had a lower 1st 2nd and 3rd, identical 4th and 5th and 6th had an overdrive, is this the same case with the 2011 250XC / XCW ?

Actually, on the W, only 1st and 2nd are slightly lower, 3rd-6th are the same between the XC and the XCW.

I heard rummors that the cyclinder head might be different ... you could check a parts list if you really wanted to dig into it ... but you listed the main differences.

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