Connecting rods and crank truing

I did a quick search and only came up with one thread on the subject and it was from 2006. I've decided to replace my connecting rod on my 05 450x and would like to hear opinions of the different options. So far hot rods and pro x are the only two I'm aware of, other than honda oem. Are both made of the same steel and forged. Are there other options? Are there any write ups of videos on truing the crank after seperating? Thanks for any and all help.

Contact Agent Smith Racing in Santa Clarita.

Contact Agent Smith Racing in Santa Clarita.




Wow agent smith must be pretty good at his job to have three recommendations in a row. Thanks for the recommendation, but I'm thinking of doing the work myself. I work at a machine shop and figure I might have everything needed to true the crank. The one shop I've talked to doesn't make it sound difficult, flat granite surface with a dial plunge gauge I believe is all I would need.

Any opinions on rods? Thanks

Crank Works







At $250 for an brand new OEM crank and rod it is silly to consider anything else.

Have fun.

To true a crank, you need a truing stand. However, a metal lathe will work too. You have to support the crank by the bearing surfaces and then check for run out on XYZ axis. Brass hammer, brass wedges. Patience and a magicians touch. A guy who does it all day, can build and true a crank in under thirty minutes, a person who never did it before can take four hours. It is satisfying though, ending at zero run out.

William hit it on the head, not a difficult job with all the proper tools and knowledge, which it sounds like you have. Don't have any opinion on which parts are best.

What is the point of re-building your own crank as opposed to just getting a brand new OEM crank/rod assy?

There are no issues with the quality of the OEM crank so why mess with an aftermarket?

From the looks of it you save about $100 by doing it yourself, but risk not being as precise/reliable as a factory part.

There are no better crankshafts than OEM Honda.

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