will 1999 rm 250 tank fit a 1998 RMX 250S

I have a 1998 RMX 250S the Australian model. i want to put a smaller rm 250 Tank on my bike and i was wondering if any one knows if a 1999 rm 250 tank will fit. or would any other rm 250 model tanks fit? also would i have to change the seat to fit as well?

1m pretty sure it wont. rmx was based 0n the 1989 rm, so thats what year tank you should look at. Clarke probably has the answer

The Aussie 1998 RMX is based on the 1996 RM250 frame, with the cradle modified to take the 1989 RM250-based engine.

IMS and Clark Mfg. market the same aftermarket gas tanks for the 1996-2000 RM250.

Venturing a guess (YMMV), it is possible to assume the smaller 1999 RM250 gas tank would fit the Aussie 1998 RMX.

oh, did not notice pot wa from aussie-sorry

Thanks mate i actually just bought a 1999 rm 250 Tank i will let you know if it fits. also would you know what sort of inverted forks would fit my RMX 250S?

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