Riders Communication systems

Does any of you guys use such a system?

I am looking for a two or more riders intercom system, that will be easy to use, that will be heard loud and clear and cheap.

What do the trial guys use (I always see them with a special mic in the helmets)?

I am looking for a system that I can talk to my buddies while riding, but in a decent cost.



Came accross this on a web search. I've only used one model and only for street biking but it was an AUTOCOM. I was very happy with the quality, and could also run an ipod/mp3 while wearing it and it would cut the music volume down whenever someone said something. Mine had to be hooked up by a 12volt power source though. You could also connect your cell phone to it. I don't think I'd ever want to hear the grunts, sobbing, and screams, of my dirtbike riding buddies though! :smirk:

Here's a possiblility:


thanks, but isn't theres a cheaper solution?

I am looking for somthing that is not as high quality as these machines... I thought about connect two motorola radios with headsets.

Have anyone tried it before?

because all I really want is the intercom. phone is just an added feature I don't really need.

The problem that I've had with trying to run a mic system is that our helmets allow so much wind noise that the systems are useless.

Only tried it once on a dual-sport ride and it was a total failure. Never put any effort into getting anything to work well.

Turn down the sensitivity so the wind doesn't turn it on and you have to yell... then they can't hear sh!t anyways because of their own wind noise and now you're yelling in their ear.

My primary purpose of a mic system would be for talking to my kids during rides. That could end up being more of a distraction than help too, I suppose.

it was pretty dumb, but one day me and my friend stuck bluetooth headsets in our helmets and called each other while we were riding, the wind and engine noise was too much for us to hear each other

it was pretty dumb, but one day me and my friend stuck bluetooth headsets in our helmets and called each other while we were riding

That's not dumb. If you have cell phone coverage and unlimited calling then it's a good idea to at least try.

I think a good bluetooth headset would probably do OK. I have a plantronics explorer 925. I think its dead now from abuse but it had great noise cancellation. My truck is pretty noisy and I couldn't hear people very well on my phone if above 60mph (not enough insulation to block road and wind noise, cheap toyota)., but with the headset it was crystal clear on both ends. I think it would have worked on a bike. Course I didnt test it so... who knows.

You would pretty much have to go with a push to talk system, ANC microphones are way to expensive, and Voice activated, as you can see here, activate on engine noise, wind, heavy breathing, swearing, whistling, - (they are damned amusing though during a yard sale crash - as long as you are on the listening side!)

The trouble with all of the little motorolas etc is their mikrophone sucks.

I have an older Motorola that allows for a headset, microphone combo to be plugged in, and you can get the microphones as either push to talk or Voice activated, but the button is not suitable to get to when you ride. this is our hunting setup!

We do run an excellent push to talk microphone, and ear bud setup in our race car, and it would easily adapt to a motorcycle, but they are expensive. sampson is the company that make this stuff, http://www.sampsonracing.com/sampson_racing_new/home_f.htm

They are in use by all of the Baja guys etc, but you better bring a fat checkbook! looks like a complete setup PTT mike, quick detatch etc with a midland radio (good unit) would be about 270 bucks. of course, at that point you are talking to yourself, you need another setup for the other bike, so 550 or so.

So you can try to cobble together a cheap system, but a whole lot of people here have a whole lot of failure trying to get it to work correctly, or you can go this way, or you can just keep yelling!

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