Extra wide bars for tall rider?

Hi, I am hoping to get some advice on wide bars for tall riders with long arms.

I am contemplating putting some extra wide bars on my MX bike. I was thinking of going 840mm wide, the reason that I am considering putting wide bars on my bike is because I currently have 800mm wide bars and they just feel to narrow and I find that my hands are always right on the outside edge of the grips (to the point of hanging off the edge) because it just feels more comfortable having my hands wider and it just feel like my bars are too narrow.

I was thinking and if shorter riders with shorter arms and narrower shoulders are comfortable using 800mm wide bars the for someone like myself with wide shoulders and long arms would be better suited with wider bars.

Thanks in advance for the advice.

Did I post this thread in the wrong section?

Garry, can you offer any advice?

It doesn't hurt to try it. If you can find some bars with a bend you like, in that width, give it a go. If you don't like it, cut them down 10mm at a time.

pros/cons of having wide handlebars

pros: - more comfortable

- more stable/ less head shake

cons: - slower turn in at corner entrance, especially in deep rutted corners

- you can't lean the bike over as far in corners

- left/right transition, ie chicane, will be slower

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