98' CR125 frame in 99 aliminium or newer

hello, i was wondering cause i have the old 98 cr125 frame is it possible to bolt a 98 engine stright into the 99 or newer alimunium frames?IMG_0501.jpgthat is my bike

cr1252.jpg thats the frame i want to know if my engine will bolt straight in

That would be a 97 CR125. The first gen aluminum framed 125's were 98-99. Sorry though, I am not sure of the 125's interchangeability.

Why would you want to swap frames/chassis your bike looks great as is, much better than the Gen 1 frame in my opinion

I agree, I would leave it in the steel frame!

yeah its just hard finding decent graphics kits for mine, the one that is on the bike is selling around $190

In my opinion, you can't beat the OEM look of this generation of CR's.

For a 97, I wouldn't want it to look any different than this. Plus, it seems people aren't finding much in the graphics department for pre 02 CR's.


Thanks for the help guys

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