exhaust options

hello i bought a 94' rt100 and for a 2 stroke the stock muffler seems like it may constrict some power? (let me know if im wrong here) but id like to get a FATTY pipe or similar. is there even any aftermarket pipe options for this bike?

No one makes an aftermarket pipe or silencer for that bike. As stated in the other thread, it's not a performance bike by any means, and available hop ups are few and far between.

My advice? Leave it stock, ride it, and when you feel the need for a faster/better bike, sell it and get a faster/better bike. You'll waste a lot of money and effort in trying to make a RT100 something it's not, when you could step up to a MX bike and have 10 times the performance.

A completely stock one will sell a whole heck of a lot easier thus getting you more $$$$ for the next bike.

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