Valve cover gasket??

Hi All. A friend of mine bought a CRF230 and it's got a leak from the valve cover on the right side. Is there a gasket for the valve cover? I couldn't find one in the parts fiche below. Thanks.


Nope, no gasket, I use hi-temp rtv. Some one probably had it off and did not clean the mating surfaces well.

So the big valve cover piece on the left side of that pic (above the 1) doesn't have a gasket under it at all? We just use gasket sealer to seal it?

Also - anybody know what's involved in getting that part off? I thought I read somewhere you've got to pull the engine to take that cover off???

Yep, no gasket. You do not have to pull the engine, but you have to remove the cam chain tensioner which necessitates removal of the electric starter. After that loosen the outer bolts first, then loosen the cap nuts. The cover will lift right off. On re-assembly tighten and torque the cap nuts first; they torque the head & cylinder. The cover carries the cam bearings, so you have to take the tension off.

Dumb question, but have you tried torquing the cap nuts and cover bolts? Might save you 2 hrs.

We haven't torqued them yet. Will probably try that before taking the cover off. Somebody's been in this engine though. It's got gasket sealant hanging out of every sealing surface. Thanks for the all the replies.

DO NOT USE SILICON RTV SEALANT. If you happen to use a bit too much, chunks of it will break loose and get trapped inside the oil flow passages. Then it may starve certain parts of the engine of oil.


I know this from experience, the hard way. But if you enjoy spending money and rebuilding the engine, feel free to use RTV.

On re-assembly tighten and torque the cap nuts first; they torque the head & cylinder.'re saying you have to take some of the head bolts loose to take this silly thing off? That'd require a torque wrench then. Ick...

You are correct. Head cap nuts are removed. The process is not hard but is a PITA.

They are nuts on long studs that hold the barrel, head, and rocker box to the case.

Try some RTV on the outside first. There is oil under pressure at the end of the cam and I think there is also an oil hole for oil to the rockers but can't remember where. Every where else there is only crank case prerssure and should be easy to stop from the outside.

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