New spring pre load???

Hey guys. I'm not sure what spring preload to tighten up to on my crf250 with my new 4.8 spring. Is it trial and error ( removing sub frame, putting back on etc.) Or can I adjust it without removing the sub frame?? Also what's the best tool to use for the adjusting nuts? Other than a pin spanner? Thanks guys..

though its often a pain, on many bikes the preload can be adjusted by turning the spring (threads must be ok and clean). but the bike has to be on the stand.

for a preset start with 10mm preload

So tighten it about 10mm more once the nut hits the spring?

So tighten it about 10mm more once the nut hits the spring?

Yep. :smirk:

Cool and 1 other thing can I do it without removing the subframe every time? Sorry haven't had a good look at it..

And can I do up 1 ring until I get the preload right, then tighten the other?

Well...It is pretty mucn impossible to get a 'C' spanner in there. I use a long pin punch which has a flattened/rounded end. Make sure the threads are clean, tap the top ring to seperate the two, then turn the spring from the bottom which usually spins the bottom ring at the same time. Once set, tap the top ring again to tighten.

Just avoid using anything sharp......

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