sent my suspension to rg3

Of all the years of owning dirtbikes and racing motocross on and off i always wanted to have my suspension revalved and im finally having it done by RG3 my bike is an 08 rmz450. i guess what im asking is it a noticable difference from stock ?

Correct suspension set up for you and your style of riding is a night and day difference. Is it better than stock? I don't know. If your weight and style match up close to stock, there would be a smaller improvement, but still improvement. But most riders I've talked to, done work for, say it is a noticeable improvement and worth the investment. You should be happy. If it doesn't feel right, let them know. Most places will redo to make you happy.

Hey thank's for the response , I should get it back this week can't wait to ride it to see what ive been missing!!

The best suspension you know is the best suspension you've ridden....make sense? I have been BLOWN AWAY by the better suspension performance everytime I send mine out to those guys. And I'm 155lbs....pretty close to the "stock" suspension setting parameters. You will be pleased. And don't forget to have your boingers rebuilt every season or so.

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