Fork wrench


I am looking at a Tusk 49mm fork wrench. It gives me a weird feeling that it is only $20 ($80 for the Kawasaki one). Does anyone have any good or bad experiences with this cheaper fork wrench?

I have the exact same great...cost me $18...doesn't have to cost alot to do the same job as the $$$$ Kawi tool.




I paid the $80.00 bucks and waited two weeks from Kawi. At the time I wanted to be sure I had a wrench that worked. No complaints with its performance. Its finish sucks, but I'm kinda partial to Snap On tools.

What ever you pay this is a wrench you want to have.

I know this question has already been answered. But another company to look at for tools is Motion Pro. Got a cap wrench and a fork seal driver from them and both work perfectly. Cap wrench was about the same price as the Tusk.

I got my Tusk wrench in and it works, but the 49mm cutout is rough and leaves little marks in the top plug. Also it has no hole for the torque wrench. It did come with a cool hex lug for the front axle. A few file strokes on each flat should clean it up.

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