Central City Colorado riding area....


Looking for any info on the Central City/Alice OHV area.

I'm planning on a ride from Idaho-Springs to Central City (if possible) and I'd like to know if anybody has done it.

Took a ride in the car to scout out the ride. I started in Idaho Springs up Fal River Road. Seems like I had to drive all the way up Fall River before I saw anything that looked like riding. First question, Is this the correct trail-head??

after I drove around up on the Alice side of the area, I went through Idaho-Springs and took Oh-My road over to Central City. Once in CC, I found what looked like riding at the top of Apex Road (at least I saw a bunch of people with quads loading and unloading) Second question, Is there any single track out there??

So, how about some help regarding riding Central City /Alice???



We stopped and did this ride when we travelled from Ohio to ride a week in Moab. We had a great lunch at Jiggies Cafe in Idaho Springs and then they were kind enough to let us leave our truck/trailer in their parking lot for a couple hours. The link below was the route we used.


You can also ride Russle Gulch trail which is mentioned on that same site. Both of those routes were easy well scenic jeep trails. There are plenty of old mines to explore along the way. I don't know about legit single in that area.

There is not true single track that I know of up there, but there are a lot of trails that meander around and connect with each other. Unfortunately there are not a lot of good parking at the trail heads (except around the cemeterys just outside of Central City) All the roads in and around Alice require a plate to be legal (this includes 4x4 vehicles) Its all pretty good riding, not terribly hard but not terribly easy either.

A few pictures.


Oposite side of the glacier (where the arrow is pointing in the first picture)


typical idea what the trail looks like above timber line.




Dual sport tracks (in google earth) to some surrounding trails accecable from idaho springs.


I ride that area several times per month. My family owns some land off of Virginia Canyon Rd in Idaho Springs. You can ride to St Marys/Alice but you will need to be plated. On your way to Alice/St Marys stay towards the left. There are some fun trails near Chinns Lake. There are also some really neat and secluded camp sites. I don't think you can get there in a car. I am mostly on my 450X but my truck made it without any problems.

i just started learning my way around that area... i park at the cemeteries as well. made a nice 30 mile ride. found a GIANT hill (or mountain) climb, and rode thru some deeeep snow drifts as well! lol had a blast! i hear i havent even touched whats up there. looking to navigate some more soon!, plus i work in black hawk, so thats a plus too!

Here are a few more pics of a satilite view of the area. Of course if you park outside of central city you have to find your way over here but this shows you one of many ways you can sort of loop around. Where the tracks stop is where you need to have a plate. These particular places there is NO parking and they start right next to a residential area.



This is a layed down view looking north after a dual sport ride, included is a trip over to Chins lake as well


Here is part of the trail up near the "top" of Kingston Peak


I was up there riding today. I access the trails by going up Fall river road about a mile or so from I-70 to a right up York Gulch Hill road. At the very top is a place to park on the left with the trails starting there (if your trailering the bike). It dose not take too long before you hit water and snow (higher). It still will need a few more weeks at least of melting to get up higher and to make the loops, a lot longer.

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I was going to sugest going up York Gulch road and parking at the intersection of Pisgah road. The parking area is not very big though. Usually its not until mid July before all the snow is gone from the trails.

Was up there yesterday.

+1 for snow.... still needs a few more weeks before all the roads will be passable.

Other thing's the water crossings - some of them are really moving right now. Careful out there.



thanks for the report. I usually don't even try to head up there until July for those reasons.

The snow pack is really high this year. @SnowMule, where was the bottom picture taken roughly?

The snow pack is really high this year. @SnowMule, where was the bottom picture taken roughly?

Yep, that's why tehre's still people snowmobiling right now :ride:

Pic taken just off Apex Valley and Broomfield Gulch Road: 39°50'25.39"N, 105°34'26.43"W.

Anyone been up there in the past couple days? Thinking of heading up there tomorrow, and I'm wondering if there is still too much snow to get over Kingston Peak.

Started up Kingston Peak today from the east side. Hit a 6 ft snow drift just after the area with the two big puddles. Going to be a couple more weeks on that one. Some of the lower trails were clear, and the trails outside Apex were mostly dry. The creeks are running really high.

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