Not sure what brand my plastics are and what graphics to get?

When i got the bike it came with the plastics and graphics it has, there aftermarket dark military green plastics and i am not chainging the plastics and are looking for graphics that would look good, but almost every kit i see has lime green to match the stock color, it has one industries custom graphics on that are nice but peeling and while i was it would try ot figure out what type of plastics they are?

Call fusion graphics, im sure they can do a darker shade of green for you

There a few graphic companies that let you design your own colors look on eBay and email or call a few of the sellers for more info

they only have kx green but i think i am going to do a white and grey with red kit that they have thanks

Ive always had really good luck with DeCal Works Plastics and Graphics. They sell "Ready Made" kits so you dont have to mess with finding logos and what not to fill up space on the graphic.

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