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Smart Performance installation and first impressions

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Got my shock / fork revalve done on my 2003 YZ250 last week and got it out for a ride Sunday.

First I'd like to say that my experience with Dave was excellent. The kit was very self-explanatory, with detailed directions and the few times I had questions, Dave was very helpful and either answered when I called or called me back within minutes. I really enjoyed breaking everything down and getting a look at how everything works. I have a greater appreciation for my suspension now for sure.

As for the testing...woke up feeling a bit lousy after hanging at the lake all day Saturday, but decided I couldn't wait another day so I loaded up and headed out. Got to the track and realized I left my padding from my helmet in the dryer. :smirk: Luckily the good folks at the local track loaned me a lid. So on the first lap I could definitely tell the difference in the feel of the bike, stiff but plush, and much, much better over whoops, braking bumps, and such. The back end was giving me a little trouble coming off the jumps though. I was jumping easy but it seemed that it would either get the back wheel up if I didnt' blip the throttle off the face and front end up when I did . On one jump I landed pretty good on the front wheel and laid the bike down when I landed. The rear low speed comp. was set at 9 which felt really stiff to me. I backed it down to 12 and it seemed to help a lot.

Another thing I noticed is that I felt like I could take the inside lines much better. Not sure if that's related to the stiffer rear keeping the sag correct in the corners...probably a combination of everything. The bike just felt really good after I adjusted to the new feel.

It was hot as balls by noon and about 50% humidity so I didn't test as much as I would have liked, but I'll be testing more the next couple of weeks.

- another satisfied Smart Performance customer

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