Help! My Forks are bent!

Hello, thanks for looking.

I let my sons friend ride the XR50 and he ended up fighting with a tree. The tree and boy are fine, but the XR50 has seen better days. Both sides of the lower forks are bent. I am looking for some help with the OEM Part number. I can't seem to find it anywhere. Or if someone has the stock front suspension sitting on the shelf and is willing to part with it. Let me know. Thanks

FYI... I am not looking to upgrade as my son is only 6 and is still building confidence in riding.

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here is a pic

Wow, with a bend like that the kid is lucky he did not get banged up badly. You could look on ebay and see what they have. Also bikebandit dot com has all kinds of OEM diagrams and part nos.

Oh, did I just do that??? Ok, let's not forget the Thumpertalk store!!!

Check BBR Motorsports' web site for their OEM garage sale parts. These are stock parts from donor bikes and they are really cheap, when they have them. If they don't have what you need and you can wait, ask them to notify you when the parts you need become available. If you can't wait, you can find the parts from any of the various sites that sell OEM parts - Thumpertalk, PowerSportsPlus, etc. When you get to the component list, look under "Front Cushion".

Here's a link to the parts at PowerSportsPlus for a 2005:

Check craigslist alot of people upgrade their xr/crf 50 forks and sell their old ones off.

When there is no diagram number next to the part in the microfiche, that means that Honda does not sell that individual part. Honda does not sell the the fork leg lowers for the XR/CRF50 separately.

Thanks - I found both the left and the right internals on Ebay - with shipping they are less than the cost of one from the dealer!!!

Now to get the bike ready for a quick install when they arrive. Does anyone know the torque specs for the top bolt of the forks?????

Wow, with a bend like that the kid is lucky he did not get banged up badly.

When I finally came over the hill to find the three of them (boy, tree and bike) all seeing stars. It seems as the boy had purposely dumped the bike to avoid getting mixed up with the tree. He did sustain a small physical injury but was fine an hour later. I think it was more his ego that was bruised.

I am glad that he is ok. Best of all, he went home bragging to his dad how much fun it was and that he wants a bike. Looks like I may have brought another family into the world of playing in the dirt.

if it doesnt work out Ive got a brand new set of forks in the attic

Homemade stand for the XR50. Now just waiting (impatiently) for the fork internals to arrive. Hopefully soon, MX camp is coming up in a few weeks and we want to get some seat time before then.


Got the new Fork internals yesterday!! Install took less than 10 min. We are good to go! Now to figure out the fuel leaking from the overflow tube. After tearing into the Carb, I think the culprit is a bad float needle valve... oh well at least it is ridable now! oh and I need to find the time to replace the gaskets on my WR250....:ride:

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