07 450 sxf High Altitiude Jetting

I was curious if anyone had some recommended settings for running this bike (all stock) at somewhere around the 6k-7k ft mark. I've done a few searches on here and the interweb and have not come up with much. I would imagine that a few folks are running this bike at these elevations. Right!? :smirk: I'm just looking for some good starting points to get it running "well" here in the Denver area.

Also, I'm not certain what the stock jetting is for this bike for this year. Would anyone have that info?

Thanks for any input!


Hey man Hit up TFOG racing in golden, they would know.

Will do, thanks. I've had Jim there work on a few of my toys... I should of thought of him :lol:

So, really, no one on this forum rides a 450 sxf above 5k feet?? How very odd!! :ride:

Whatever you are running now, drop one size on the main and then tinker with the fuel screw accordingly for a quick fix.

I don't jack with my pilot jet because the carb is too big of a PITA to take out when a simple main swap will get me by that I can do in a short amount of time without any hassle.

If I am feeling like spending the time, I will drop the needle two notches in conjunction with the main swap as this will keep her a little more crisp on the throttle response side of things.

Granted, I am on a 505, but 27cc's isn't that much difference when it comes to the jetting...

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