Cleaning rding pants

Hey guys I have fox 180 riding pants and i have dirt stains in the white parts. Any suggestions on how to get those out? Somewhere i have read simple green would help and i do use it on my bike. Any help is appreciated

I use simple green and a pressure washer for my riding pants/shirt/helmet/bike/gloves/anything else that I can find around the house that is dirty/etc... :smirk:

I used to just spray the big chunks of mud off and throw them in the washing machine but it pisses the wife off and wears the leather out real quick on my OTB pants.

I have used great on whites......:smirk:

If its stained on its probably too late.. My gear always has a lot of white so.. I keep them looking good by #1 pressure wash while im cleaning my bike right after riding, #2 soaking them in warm water for a while then #3 wash them in the laundry with tide.

If u let it sit ur screwed, i always wash my stuff right away bike and gear.

clean the mud off with hose, then soak with Spray and wash for about an hour before going through the heavy duty cycle on the washing machine. My white pants and gear allways come out looking like brand new

I've had good luck with Tide, Simple Green, Oxy Clean, etc for getting simple dirt out.

That OK red clay stuff can be a PITA to get out, we have some riding areas that have a high iron content in the soil up here (similar mess). I've tried using GoJo creamy hand cleaner on those spots with OK results....they're not shining white again, but it got the worst of it out.

The GoJo does work wonders on grease in gear though.

I use shout before it dries, then wash it in hot water once with regular laundry soap and borax, let it rinse with hot water and spin out. Repeat... gets the VA red clay/mud out fine.

+1 Shout before the gear dries. Most of the tracks I ride are red clay and Shout works best on the whites, but you have to wash the gear asap. I spray the whites in Shout and let it soak for about 15-20 minutes before washing. Combine Oxyclean with your detergent for best results.

I also use the Shout as a bike wash so my wife buys it by the gallon. It's a good parts wash too.

shout, always works

Try some TSP or Tri Sodium Phosphate

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