Quad for my wife

Hey gang. My wife took a ride on my 400ex last year and didn't care for it. Too many levers, handles, and gears. So last weekend we borrowed a Scrambler 500 from a buddy. She liked that a lot. Auto transmission and all wheel drive on demand made her feel much more comfortable and she could enjoy the ride instead of worrying about gears and levers, etc.

I like the Scrambler because it is 4x4 and auto but still has a soft suspension for rough stuff and it doesn't feel like a freight train like some of the full utility 4x4's. I know that Can Am makes the Renegade which is similar but are there any other sport/utility quads out there that have the 4x4 and an auto?

I had seen an older Wolverine (02 or 03 I think). I think it was only 300cc and it had a "clutchless" manual transmission. From the link you sent me it looks like the trans is now a full auto. Is that correct?

I had seen an older Wolverine (02 or 03 I think). I think it was only 300cc and it had a "clutchless" manual transmission. From the link you sent me it looks like the trans is now a full auto. Is that correct?

that one is an older one, used a 350 warrior motor with a semi auto 4wd lower end. later on they redesigned them to more utility like with full auto and a 350 and 450

I had seen an older Wolverine (02 or 03 I think). I think it was only 300cc and it had a "clutchless" manual transmission. From the link you sent me it looks like the trans is now a full auto. Is that correct?

Like he said, the "old" Wolv used the Warrior 350 engine and was autoclutch. Downside was that it was full-time 4wd, but that could be remedied with a Warn 424. Lastyear of production was 05.

The "new" Wolv 350 was 2wd only, and used the same old low tech engine. Last year of production was 09.

The "new" 450 4X4 is not listed as a 2011. That doesn't mean it has been discontinued, it just means that they have excess 2010's sitting in the wearhouse, and they won't produce any more until they sell those off. You should be able to get a smoking deal on a new, leftover one!

Personally, I prefer a manual transmission (autoclutch is fine) and would never own a belt drive, but if one must go full auto that is mostly what is out there....

Good stuff. Thanks guys. I will have to put her on a Wolverine to see how she feels about the separate break levers. She likes the single lever on the Scrambler but at least we have a couple options.

My opinion of the Scrambler is that (like all Polaris ATV's!) it is a very weird and "contrived" design! Chain drive rear/shaft drive front....what were they thinking? No real skid plate on the back end, so count on hacking it up. Most folks consider the single brake lever to be dangerous.

Tell her it's just like a bycicle, one brake lever is front and one is back. Mostly use the back (mark that lever if you have to), and both in an emergency stop. Should be pretty simple....

I see you are in California. Where do you usually ride. I have always had a couple 4X4's in my stable, but rarely here in So. Calif. do I actually NEED 4wd. I do USE it because I deliberately go looking for terrifying terrain, but doesn't sound like that describes your wife. So....you might find a 2wd Wolv 350 somewhere. I don't know anything first hand about the 350, so you would want to search around for some advice on it if you decide to go that route.

I definitely think two levers is better but if she isn't comfortable with it then I worry that she might use the wrong one without thinking. Kinda like when a noobie wants to stop and accidentally hits the throttle instead.

No she definitely won't be going after any terrain that would require 4x4 for an average to experienced rider. But what she found very helpful at the Yuba Gold Fields last weekend is that she can go at an hill (short or long, moderate or fairly steep) as slow as she wants even when the trail is loose gravel or rocks and she doesn't have to worry about fishtailing or weight transfer, etc. You know the things that we find fun and exciting... Well she finds those unsettling. That's really the purpose of the 4x4 for her. It's to allow her to go on almost any terrain as slow as she likes without any slipping. Now all that being said I would prefer if she got a bit more comfortable and didn't need the 4x4 but it's all about what feels safe to her.

I normally ride a number of places here in Northern CA. I am close to Prairie City, Mammoth Bar, Forrest Hill. Those are 45 minutes or less so they are my quick fix trips. If I have a day to spend I will drive anywhere within 3.5 hours or so. I love Hollister, I want to try La Grange and Carnegie. I've gone to the Yuba Gold Fields a few times now and I enjoy that. There are a lot of spots I haven't gone to yet so I'm still working my way through them. I just started riding last summer. I'm a late bloomer. :smirk:

I find the Scrambler kind of weird, because the front drive doesn't kick in until the back slips. My buddy has had lots of problems with this in technical terrain, because many times you need the front to pull and don't want to wait for the back to spin out for the front to engage.

If she likes that secure feel of 4wd, then I would think that an engaged "real" 4wd system where the back doesn't have to slip to get the front pulling, would feel even better.

Keep in mind that these machines are HEAVY compared to sport quads! When you roll a ~600 pound machine, it isn't pretty, so keep that in mind for your wife!

I would sure love to see more "hybrid" designs, that try to be 4wd sport quads. I tested a prototype of a design like this for Honda, but they haven't released it yet because of slow sales throughout the industry. Maybe some day?

Good riding!

i personaly think a trx250 would be great for her but if your looking for the easiest drivability then maybe conisder a 300-500cc utility quad<--only downside is the weight but they have predictable power and loads of torque

my daughter now has a 450 4x4 wolverine and my wife has a 450 grizzly 4x4, the grizzly has power steering, she loves her bike, my daughter loves her bike because it has a solid rear axle and she can slid it around corners easier, the 4 wheel independent does not slid around corners as well. i have a 550 grizzly and its a beast ! my real point i think is yamaha's with automatic's are fun and easy and very capable bikes, we also have a 350 bruin with the old air cooled engine, i don't think you could ever kill it unless you ran it with out oil for a few days .................

450 wolverine is awesome bike, another option might be a rekluse clutch for the 400

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