Stra rounds 4 & 5

We had our STRA rounds 4 & 5 at TTC this past weekend. The weather was perfit, the sections were......hum, lets say, HARD!!! :smirk: Had about 70 riders, and all had a blast!! Great fun. BIG THANKS to Charlie, Cat, and of course Dan Brown. Don't miss the Nats. next month at TTC. More fun to come!!


How'd you do DD ?? Any hardware....?? Looking forward to the NATS .. see you there...AND REMEMBER the NEXT STRA ROUNDS TO BE AT THE RIDGE(after summer break) !!! I CANT WAIT... We should have some good sections ... chad.

Chad, I got 3rd on Sat. and 2nd on Sunday in the SA class. Sharp took a fall last week on some rocks, and broke a rib and hurt 4 more. Won't be riding for some time. Wish you could have been at TTC, it was a great time.


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